Fast and Affordable Oil Change

We are fast, reliable and cheap when it comes to your oil change. With us, you’ll be back on the road in no time. We have different oil qualities, brands an experts that can serve your needs depending on your car and your budget.

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Oil Change

Oil change is considered an essential process for the proper functioning of a vehicle, as well as for its duration. Frequently, within the usual maintenance costs, this benefit corresponds to at least 30% of the turnover of automobile mechanics.

We Are Also Experts on:

Engine overheating, antifreeze leaks, water pump, thermostat, circuit obstructions, cylinder head gasket in poor condition, mixture of different liquids (oil-water), heating malfunction.
Oil pressure, leaks, noise from hydraulic tacks
Fuel supply:
Either diesel or gasoline. Repair of breakdowns caused by: feed pump, injectors, and all those electronic components that are related to these systems and that may cause starting problems, irregular operation of the engine, fumes, etc.
Imbalances when braking, lack of efficiency, fluid leaks, unusual wear of brake pads or brake shoes.
Clearances, noises, hardness, oil leaks, steering alignment correction (parallel).
Ball joint clearance, noise.
Anomalies in its operation, whether manual or automatic, noise, gear selection hardness, oil and filter change, if it is automatic (vital for its duration and operation).

Repair of Defects Such as:

Radiator and Power Steering Flush
Wheel Alignment
Tires Service
Cabin Air Filter
Brake Service
Check Engine Light
New Tires
Tire Rotation

And in General,

All kinds of repairs that may arise with your vehicle, that go outside of what is fast mechanics or maintenance.

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